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Create your company profile website, e-commerce transaction website, payment acceptance platform, job vacancy portal, or client chatbot. With affordable and transparent pricing. Consult all your website needs with Nodewave.

Website Company Profile

Start From

IDR 500.000

3 Pages

Completion in 3 days

Custom Content Optional

Free to Choose Company Profile Features

Online Store Website

Start From

IDR 4.000.000

5 Pages

Connect Payment Gateway

Unlimited Product Listings

Feature Integration

Free to Customize Content

Website Custom

Start From

IDR 5.000.000

10 pages

Connect Payment Gateway

Unlimited Product Listings

Feature Integration

Free Custom Contents

Website Features

Company Profile Website

Improve the professionalism of your business through a company profile website. Display business services, products, and other related information.

E-Commerce Website

Sell and buy business products online with an e-commerce website. Manage products, order data, inventory data, and payment transactions within the website.

Product Catalog

Manage a list of products, services, or business services complete with brand, type, price, and specifications information in a single website application that is easily accessible online.

Purchase and Payment in Website

Complete your business website with purchase and payment features that are connected to various digital wallets and other payment methods.

News Portal Website

Display the latest and updated news through a website application that can be accessed online anytime and anywhere.

Online Form

Create surveys, online evaluation observation tables, and document important data systematically through an online website.

API Integration

Connect your website with external parties through an integrated API connection. Can be for product supply, selling products, third-party service integration, or payment gateway. Our professional team is ready to help you.

POP UP Notification

Display a small window that appears with information on various devices such as mobile applications, websites, and others.

Custom Website

Customize the website for your business according to your needs and desires.

Real-Time Tracking

Track orders, approvals, and appointments in real time with accuracy using real-time tracking.

Analysis and Reporting

Visualize business data to help understand business performance and trends and help manage reports.


Chat with customers, ask and answer questions, collect answers, provide and collect information, and automatically direct potential customers with chatbots.

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